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White County, Indiana

Happy Tails Animal Care Center

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P.O. Box 374

Buffalo, Indiana 47925

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8954 NW Shafer Drive

Monticello, Indiana 47960


Tuesdays:   10am to 1pm

Thursdays:  10am to 2pm

Saturdays:   10am to 2pm


call 574-278-7102

or email us at

Another year has come and gone but, many shelter dogs and cats have been given a second chance at life with loving families and forever homes. 

A "THANK YOU" our Adopters, our Businesses, our Community, and our Volunteers, for all their support. With your donations, and volunteering you ALL have made this possible. With the collaboration of Monon Veterinary Clinic and 

Happy Tails Animal Shelter of White County Indiana all the strays are given a second chance at life into loving and forever homes.

It seems when the shelter receives a stray or two from Dr. Shields we adopt out the same number a few days later. 

We are so blessed to always say yes to Dr. Sam and Staff that we ALWAYS have room for one more.

We live in a small community and so many people have cats and dogs already but, .....this past year 49 dogs and 20 cats have been adopted - which is wonderful and is an increase from last year. Also, five dogs were re-united with their families, and two Huskies went to MUSH Rescue. Nanuk, one of the Huskies - after being transported to MUSH was adopted by one of our own Board Members and volunteers. Thank you again, to each and every one of you for making this all possible.

See  PET OF THE WEEK in the HERALD JOURNAL every Friday or Saturday.  There will be a dog or a cat feature telling their own story. They are all up for adoption. We also have an article in the HERALD JOURNAL the first of each month.  

PET OF THE WEEK is also on our Facebook page!  Click on our Profile Picture.

People may complain how animal shelters put innocent animals down. Take a step back and think.....

These animals would not be here if their owners would have taken care of them, loved them and had them spayed and / or neutered. Animals are not a toy that can be thrown away when they get sick or old. They have a heart and its filled with love. 

So many animals that arrive at shelters are so sick, due to mal-nourishment, heartworm, and abuse, Parvo, injuries that there 

is no way to make them well again.  People have no idea what some of these shelters face.  We are very fortunate to have  

Dr. Shields.  When Animal Control picks up strays they are taken to Monon Veterinary Clinic.  The Dr. Sam checks them out 

and hope they will be rescued by their owners.  If the owners are not found in five days then they come to us.  We care for 

them and love them until the they can be adopted by a loving and forever family.  We have had some that were reunited with 

their family at our shelter. This is our Mission to save as many lives as we can and give them a second chance for a good 


Happy Tails is a NO-KILL SHELTER. 

All of the animals in this shelter are all adopted out to loving and caring families.

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Please contact the shelter at: 

(574) 278-7102
and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Adoption hours: 
Tuesdays: 10-1

Thursdays: 10-2

Saturdays:  10-2

Also By Appointment:

Call  (574) 278-7102 or email us at

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